Saturday, July 11, 2009, 6:42 PM

I'm back. Been super fucking busy busy busy. Lemme get thing straight out here and clear the beef. Beef or what? I have been busy working my ass off just to ensure i have enough to spent and save. Soul reason being, in 3 months or lesser, I need to have a bike. So this is the time to say, fuck everything cause what matters now is money. Cut the slack with homies and only meet them on off days.

Lately just leading my life as a N.W.A.D.O.G.S. Well nothing much to say cause if I'm not home its at work if not at work sleeping at home.


Actually you readers are being duped by dope boy here. HAHA FUCKERS!

ok thats all. maybe right if i have ample time to update i will cause i know my blog is getting BORING by the day! you damn right its boring as fuck so just fucking look at the clock tick while waiting for a new post.

Friday, June 19, 2009, 9:52 AM

I'm back but i lost track of what happened. If i wanna update what happened from May 12 till now..I tell you all take care. Gonna be fucking long cause its like 1 month plus.

Ok lately getting closer to my homies cause last time cannot have time with them. I got handcuffed, wherever i go must report strength. My fault too. Lie too much. Wanna meet my homies give some other excuse. Ok done with that.

Late May or early June, went to ubin with them. Total i think got 8 or 9. San, Naz, Yani, Fad, Zie, Zairi, Izzah, Nad and me. Hahah. After doing the activities, I treat all of them at Teh Tarek. So sweet of me muahahahahahah. Activities are just more to slacking and more slacking. No life? So matrep-ish? So low-class people? name all those negative things. I dont fucking give shit about it.

Just now another slacking session with San,Zie,Lynn,Wan,Sasha and Nurul. HAHAHAHAHA. Talk about some stupid shit. Zikir rockers, Nabi Ahmad Tahar, etc etc. HAHAHAH. Dont get struck by lightning sudah people. HAHAHA

Tomorrow, Zouk with homies. Gotta snap em pictures and do ma thang.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 3:22 PM

okay just came back from playing carrom with Afai, Jepon, San and Naz. Preventing myself from fallin asleep, I'm watching stupid videos at youtube and guess what. To me this is funny shit crap.
Hope you guys enjoy. Those who know nevermind. totally a disgrace to music. I think i can sing/rap better. HAHA Damn

Monday, May 11, 2009, 6:55 AM

So school was such a bore because Baky paitau me. At night chat with her yaya say must go sch one! Cibai in the end she never turn up. Text me at 12.27 pm saying she just woke up. So since i dono whats up with class I make the effort to go to Boon Lay to meet her. And she make me waited for like 45 mins. Stupid blondie minah. haha.

We do nothing at Starbucks but just looking at pictures and more pictures. Ahahahah. And when boredom strikes, vualah, we took pictures. ahahahahahahahah. This Baky here ah, so the semangat one, i brought along my theory books to revise then she so semangat read the book from page one. And thanks to Baky, I passed my RTT wooohooo. She say i confirm pass, you all see i pass. Aku suke orang macam kau Baky. AHAHAHAHAH!!!! So Baky tomorrow make sure you come if not no riding book for you!

and while looking at this pic Baky was like 'eh the guy in shades cute uh' cause she dont know its me. hahaha after that i say 'thats me' then i got smacked. haha

i know my hair like brush but she likes it. hahah

Dear .....
Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 10:05 AM

I dont know why i suddenly feel this way cause there are many shits going thru rite now.
Firstly, I would like to apologize to all my friends to whoever it may concern, if u felt that i so called ditch you guys I'm Sorry. I have my reasons.
Another thing to Velle, even though we are not together i gotta to admit i do miss you alot. And I apologize from the bottom of my heart for whatever has happen. Forgive me for every wrong doings that i had done. I really gotta admit i miss those times. Like really
People i know my mistakes i post it so that i can get things clear with you peeps. I can't go to every single person to apologize. I will do so if only i get to see you guys.

Now i realise that I'm so blessed with what i have been given. Wonderful parents, loving siblings, caring friends. I love you guys and i thank God for that.
Naz, thanks for being such an understanding brother to me.

Now its time for me to chill, think ahead abt my future, be more of a caring, loving and humble man towards peeps i love and care for. God bless you all.

Peace Out

Tok! I hope your fine.
Monday, April 6, 2009, 1:10 AM

Grandpa. I miss you.
You left the world on 4th April, you left me, you left the family members living in this world that is full of sins.
Grandpa its hard for me to believe that you are gone now. It evens saddens me more to see you dying a slow death. Grandpa before you go, i visited you at the hospital everyday when i was not working, sitting beside you, talking to you, feeding you food and medicine. And the last words you told me was. "Boy, study hard, don't disappoint your parents and be a good son". 2 days later you went into ICU, eyes not open till the 4th at 9.55 the reading on the machine show straight lines.

I remembered during the fasting month when we went for break fast. I treated you food, you even asked me for cigarettes. You are such a loving grandpa. Since you lost your wife i see that you changed alot. Grandpa I hope that you are in heaven with Grandma. I miss you both.

Grandpa, I promise to be a good son as you told me. I make sure that happens. I make sure your wish for every grandson and granddaughter that you have will all be fulfilled.

I love you i miss you

Monday, March 23, 2009, 3:23 PM

in loving memory
(02/11/90 - 23/03/09)
Friend you have left us for good. You just came back from your holidays and I got news that you are gone. Firstly from Ajun, i thought i was some kind of joke, but when I called San he was crying and telling me that you are gone. Allah loves you more
I really didn't expect you to leave just like that. Really. Even though we are just secondary schoolmates who just get to know each other for barely 2 years, i know you are indeed a nice person. Well, memories that i had with you will never be erased.
Like when we were sitting for 'O' levels we sit under the void deck in the wee hours just to study and ordered McDonalds'. Teaching each other math. Chillin at Alep's house or your house. Playing poker,taiti and many other silly cards game. Everyday T-mart to slack. Whatever it is to be remembered.
I am sorry that i have been rude to you, hit you with a french loaf, called you 'i sweat', called you town boy when you reach Alep's house and commented bout the atmosphere, call you names and all my wrongdoings. I'm really sorry bout it. I'll pray for you my friend. Don't worry bout it. I will give all my blessings to you.
I think that I have learnt a very great lesson. Sometimes it is only when we lose someone we then know that they are important to us. Appreciate those you love before anything happens. Cause things may happen unexpectedly.



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